Written by Paula Timberlake on December 4, 2018 in Industrial Development

November 28, 2018. The Aluminum industry continues dramatic growth in the Logan County region.

The new Novelis rolling mill at Guthrie in Todd County is rising from the ground with the steel erection currently taking place. This project represents an investment of $305 million and 125 new high-paying jobs.

The ongoing expansions at Logan Aluminum near Russellville total $417 million in capital investment and approximately 250 new jobs. A new direct casting mill is complete and is being equipped with a second line. The new cold rolling mill is under construction.

A 2017 expansion by Kobe in Bowling Green was announced at $51 million in investment and 129 new jobs.

The 2016 construction of the UACJ-Constellium mill in Bowling Green was announced at $150 million and 65 new jobs.

These announcements total $923 million and 569 new jobs.

Additionally, there have been significant announcements in Hawesville of $116 million and 250 new jobs, and Aleris in Hancock County with $400 million and 1,000 jobs retained. Owls Head in Bowling Green has recently announced an expansion as has Emerson in Russellville.

The new Braidy Industries mill near Ashland was announced at $1.3 billion and 550 jobs on April 26, 2017.

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