Written by loganadm on November 19, 2016 in Industrial Development

Newly opened facility’s overall investment to top $178 million

Champion Petfoods is pleased to announce that it will expand its cooking capacity at its Kentucky DogStar® Kitchens. This expansion will increase total employment to 200 and overall investment to more than $178 million in Logan County.

‘‘We are Kentucky Proud to be able to announce our DogStar Kitchens expansion in Logan County. The expansion will advance our Biologically Appropriate™, fresh regional ingredient, never outsourced mandate,’’ said Champion Petfoods President and CEO Frank Burdzy. ‘‘We built our kitchens in the Kentucky countryside, integrated into the farmlands, where we can feel inspired. We rely on Kentucky farmers, ranchers and fishermen who have a deep-rooted heritage for fresh regional ingredients, and local people to fill our team. We have found the world’s best in Kentucky.’’

In January 2016, Champion started cooking on two production lines within its 371,000 square foot DogStar® kitchens in Logan County. Thanks to anticipated demand in the U.S. and Latin America, Champion is already expanding to add a third production line and increase its cooking capacity.

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