Written by Paula Timberlake on December 4, 2018 in Industrial Development

November 28, 2018. The Logan Economic Alliance for Development is the sponsoring agency for this program. Logan County was recertified by the state in August 2018 as a Work Ready Community in Progress. Logan County was originally admitted into the program in 2013.

There are five basic criteria for measuring a county’s progress toward full certification as a Work Ready Community. The criteria along with the Logan County status for each follow:

Some College                 actual 42%  goal 43% or more

Assoc degree or higher    actual 21% goal 22% or more

No High School degree   actual 17%  goal 15% or less

Internet accessibility       actual 80%  goal 60% or more

High School grad rate     actual 93%  goal 90% or more

Logan County is very close to attaining full certification. The new Logan Career and Technical Center on the Logan High School Campus places additional emphasis on education and work skill training. We are optimistic that full certification will be reached by the deadline in 2021.

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